Johns first design experience was gained via 3d modelling and sound editing during his degree in sculpture at Grays School of Art, Aberdeen.  During his master’s degree in fine art at Glasgow School of Art, his entire practice focussed on using design software in unusual settings.

This extensive background training has always meant Industry Cottage has the ability to offer a full range of fine art services in addition to purely design. Drawing and illustration are all options as well as really understanding the true value of the creative process.

We offer a genuinely fresh approach to design in a world full of cookie cutter designers. This isn’t some quest to be different for the sake of it. Simply, we always strive to do things in a rigorous way – that just happens to often be highly original. 

Every Object In A Room, Drawn According To The Rules Of Pictonary
Studies For A Block Of Wood background development for piece to translate a shape into sound
Bembo Into Gill, a typographic experiment created in collaboration with David Bellingham

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