Leckmelm Arboretum

We were approached by Leckmelm Arboretum, the historic botanical garden based near Ullapool in the stunning North West Highlands, to create a new visual identity, signage system and marketing material.

The concept was born out of the fact that ‘leck’ means tile in Gaelic, so a repeating leaf motif forms the basis of the entire project.

Whilst the park is of significance to botanists since its creation in 1870, the client was also keen to capture a sense of fun for family visits. So, whilst it’s easy to get excited about the tallest Sequoia in Scotland, it’s as much about letting visitors in on the best place to spot Red Squirrels or Otters.

And despite some storm damage in the winter of 2017, attendance to the park were up on previous year, helped in part, by playful fresh new brand elements. If you ever find yourself in the area, a visit is highly recommended.

The tile motif carries through the identity and directional signage
The plant markers needed to be clear but unobtrusive
The gardens main notice board needed have element that can be updated with seasonal information.

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