The Third Sector

An ultimate objective is key to working with any client. What they are striving to achieve and what’s the best way to get there? Within the third sector, charities have to work hard to make their aims as clear as possible. Whether it’s spotlighting an injustice, outlining their vision or an ongoing quest for donations, modern charities have to work harder than ever to stand out as the cause to champion.

The Homeless World Cup harnesses the magnetism of football to empower people that have been affected globally by homelessness. We were asked to modify their visual identity and create a Christmas donation gifting campaign, turning a planet wide issue into a human sized one. We also created organisation infographics to help simply explain the way the whole program works.

We’ve also recently helped the Gorebridge Community Development Trust create a new identity for the newly open flagship centre – the Gorebridge Beacon. Actual achievements are proof that organisations mean business so these identities draw on projects both have already delivered – the redevelopment of Hunter Square (incorporating a gear wheel from the village’s industrial mining past) and the distinct silhouette of the Beacon building itself.

We developed a Christmas membership campaign to spotlight how football makes a positive difference to real people dealing with homelessness all over the world.
Organisational infographic showing the structure of the Homeless World Cup
Development of visual identifies and brand elements for the Gorebridge Community Development Trust and The Gorebridge Beacon

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