Hibernian FC

Working as a designer for the club that you support was often assumed to be a dream job for John Nicol our Design Director. And to be honest, in his 11 seasons at Easter Road stadium, there were days when it felt amazing.

Seeing the team run out in a kit he had designed (everything from the initial concepts, drawing up the CADs, devising and building the launch campaign and installing the posters) felt good. Seeing the season ticket campaigns he’d built from the ground up being adopted and inspiring the fanbase and community was thrilling.

John was also continually immersed in the design and helping create the tone via the website, the programme, brochures, e-newsletters and social media. He functioned like a bridge between the Board’s objectives and understanding the mind-set of the fans.

Despite having left his role as graphic designer at Hibernian, in May 2016 when the club won the Scottish Cup for this first time in 114 years, John was delighted that his PERSEVERED concept finally was called into action.

A selection of kit campaigns we created, always looking for a design that fits within the traditional framework whilst also offering something fresh.
Season ticket membership campaigns had to capture the imagination of the supporters.
We developed several projects to help create a sense of history at the stadium and training centre


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