One of our passions is animal welfare. OneKind is a wonderful voice in the fight against animal cruelty in Scotland and a cause that is close to our heart.  We have created reports on legal snares, puppy farming, mountain hare culls and fish farming which have all been presented to the Scottish Government and discussed widely in the press.

It can be a thin line between the hard, and at time shocking and graphic truth or presenting facts in purely analytical way.  Sometimes it’s emotive, sometimes it’s cold hard facts…

We were also asked to create an overall identity for the ‘For The Foxes’ march to parliament and a digital campaign.

Onekind is also part of the REVIVE coalition alongside Common Wheal, Friends of the Earth Scotland, League Against Cruel Sports and Raptor Persecution UK to push for grouse moors as natural environments free of blood sports. We were asked to produce a series of infographics and signage around the launch event. The project was officially launched in Edinburgh by Chris Packham in late 2018.

We produce artwork for the reports for ONEKIND campaigns to be presented to the government.
We created the identity used throughout the FOR THE FOXES campaign and march to Scottish parliament
Artwork created for the launch of the REVIVE coalition. We created created simply colourful landscapes as the introduction to the hard facts around grouse moor usage.



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